College Essay Writing: Recommendations Regarding Structure

When students hear the word essay, they sometimes mistakenly believe that it will be easier than a research paper. Essays are not always easier, but they are different. This means that even if you know how to format a research paper on how public service helps the community, you may need to change things a little for perfect formatting on an essay about commitment to public service. Here are the recommendations from you should follow to perfectly structure your next writing assignment.

The Basic Set-Up
Most students learn the five-paragraph structure first, where the paper has an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. As you advance in school and find yourself in need of a community service essay or something on a different topic, you may find that you have more points to make than can be cohesively addressed in three body paragraphs. You will stick to the same structure in this instance, but you will still follow the same set up.

The Reference Page
It is not uncommon for teachers to require you to give credit to ideas that are not your own. This is necessary because it protects you from the consequences of plagiarism. Even when you order from a fast essay writing service, steps should be taken to provide references and prevent accusations of plagiarism. Unlike a research paper, this type of writing assignment has a reference page titled ‘Works Cited.’

Formatting a Works Cited Entry
Teachers often request that you use MLA- or APA-style writing for a topic like a service learning essay. MLA is more common. For an MLA-style works cited entry, the author’s name is always listed first, with the last name, then the first name. You may also include any middle initials. The title is listed next. For written works or publications, italics is used. For article or section titles, the information is placed in quotes. Then, the publisher of the book (or website) is listed. Finally, you include the publishing date, where you accessed the material, and when you accessed the material.

The Thesis Statement
Arguably, the thesis statement is the most important part of any writing assignment. The thesis statement is the one important point that holds your entire paper together. All the information presented in the body paragraphs should work toward strengthening or proving the point you made with the thesis statement. By following this guideline, you will create a clear, concise paper every time.

To best structure the thesis statement, place it at the end of your introductory paragraph for the first time. You should also re-write it using new words but the same ideas to be placed in your conclusion paragraph. It is typically the first sentence of the conclusion.

Knowing how to structure an essay is important, whether you are writing for yourself or reviewing work from an essay proofreading service. Follow the above guidelines to give you a jumpstart on what you need to know, and don’t be afraid to look around for more information online.

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