5 Little Secrets of Writing a Good Persuasive Essay

To compose a strong persuasive essay, you need to argue in a logical and reasonable way in the written form. You should make your readers pay attention to your argument and accept your point of view. There are five important elements to consider when you’re working on your paper. However, you should also keep the basics of academic writing rules in mind.

How to Craft a Winning Persuasive Essay

  1. Select a topic that you could argue for days.
  2. You need to come up with a problem that has more than one side. Something that is a question up for debate. It’s also recommended to select a topic that you’re passionate about so that you’ll have more fun while writing your work.

  3. Develop a strong stance.
  4. If you don’t have a claim, you can’t possibly debate. You should argue either for or against something or else you’ll confuse the readers and weaken your paper. So, indicate which side of the argument you’re supporting in a clear manner and explain why you stick with it.

  5. Ensure that your position is reasonable.
  6. Your task is to compose a thesis statement and support it using logical reasoning. You need to provide statistics, opinions, examples, and so on to prove that your thesis is valid. Don’t include unsubstantiated personal opinions unless you endorse them with facts.

  7. Refute the opposing points of view.
  8. By arguing against alternate positions, you strengthen your argument and persuade your audience that it is sound. It’s recommended to address two-three main counterarguments and ensure that this part of your paper isn’t too long.

  9. Organize your ideas effectively.
  10. A persuasive paper doesn’t have to meet a typical five-paragraph essay structure, as long as it contains your topic, thesis, a few claims with evidence, and a couple of counterarguments.

    What Are the Features of an Excellent Persuasive Essay

    Being original and standing out.
    A brilliant paper should take an original approach, go beyond obvious, introduce new intelligent insights from the material, and present the topic from a different angle.

    Solid understanding of the topic.
    You should demonstrate a strong knowledge of the concepts and facts, develop a powerful thesis, and make use of various sources confidently.

    Serving the assignment purpose.
    Your text should inform and persuade the readers. You shouldn’t provide any superfluous information, ramble, or include irrelevant points.

    Exceptional language.
    Your piece of writing should flow so that the reader understands everything with ease. You should carefully select the wording, put effective transitions, and avoid grammar mistakes and typos. For this reason, it would be great to order proofreading at https://usessaywriters.com/ essay service. Professional writers will polish your written piece to make it shine bright.

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